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Al Platt, AIA

Al Platt has long been attuned to the connections between places, spaces, and the people within them. In his practice of residential architecture, Al works to make these connections natural, positive, strong and enduring. Working primarily for clients who wish to build or renovate distinctive dwellings in mountain or lake settings, he does not limit himself or his firm to any predetermined set of architectural styles. Al does, however, bring a consistent sensibility to his projects, favoring direct and straightforward forms, authentic materials, and unfussy details. He relates his houses to their settings so as to complement landforms, foster belonging, and soften the boundaries between indoors and out. 

Happily rooted in a small, mountain town – Brevard, North Carolina – Al has served as president of the Brevard Chamber of Commerce and the Brevard Planning Board, and has served as a member of the Brevard College Board of Trustees since 1996, and has advised architectural control committees throughout the region. He has handled a number of commercial projects in his community, including buildings for Brevard Music Center, Brevard City Hall building, and historical renovations in downtown Brevard. In addition, Al created and fosters Conservation Advisors, a business that helps property owners preserve the natural integrity of their land by placing conservation easements and providing guidance in development.

Al’s signature philosophy of “New Mountain Architecture” grows out of the quality and livability of his work. He strives to bring humility, simplicity, and service to the collaborative design process, to build with integrity and care, and to minimize the noise of his own involvement so that he leaves behind “not a metaphor, not a performance, but simply the structure itself.” 

After a post-college stint teaching English, Al earned a Master of Architecture from North Carolina State University in 1975. He has been a licensed architect since 1978.