Platt Architecture, PA | Ren Uriarte
Ren Uriarte

The strongest common trait among Platt team members is uncommonness. Uncommon technical strength, versatility, breadth and depth, wide-ranging interests, pronounced people skills, personability, and community engagement.

Consider Ren Uriarte. By training and capacity for detail, she’s fully a bookkeeper. Yet she blows away her vocation’s hunched-over, hyperfocused introverted image. She grew up in San Diego and San Francisco in a “huge, competitive family”. She pole vaulted in high school, loves snowboarding, wields a mean spike in doubles and triples volleyball and coaches the sport. A College of William of Mary Sociology graduate, she is trained in mediation by Mediation Center of WNC, and administers the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council for Transylvania and Henderson Counties. When the figures associated with your project cross Ren’s desk, she’ll make sure they add up to last digit. But you’ll never be just a number to Ren.