| Alfred F. Platt Jr., AIA Architect
Al Platt, AIA

Al Platt has long been attuned to the connections between places, spaces, and the people within them. In his practice of [Read More]

 | Parker Platt, AIA Architect
Parker Platt, AIA

Parker Platt is a Partner and Principal at PLATT, where he leads the design efforts for all projects. Since joining in 19[Read More]

 | Bud Holland, AIA Architect
Bud Holland, AIA

Bud Holland’s approach to architecture is considerate. Take his plans. He works to put on paper the information it ta[Read More]

 | Amy Barnett Manager Designer
Amy Barnett

Amy is an integral part of the Interior Architect team and enjoys meeting each new face and to assisting them through the [Read More]

 | Jon Polk Architect
Jon Polk

Jon Polk holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Louisiana State University, home of the one true Death Valley, and he is a [Read More]

 | Sam Jeffus Intern Architect
Sam Jeffus

Sam Jeffus works with a sensibility driven by modest, tradition-based architecture and planning. He earned a Master[Read More]

 | Devin Spreen Intern Architect
Devin Spreen

Born and raised in Cincinnati, home of Union Terminal, the last great depot built in the U.S., Devin brings seasoning an[Read More]

 | Raphe Geor Intern Architect
Raphe Geor

Raphael was born and raised in the Coromandel of New Zealand. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Uni Tech in Auck[Read More]

 | Greg Lambert Intern Architect
Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert joined the team in January of 2019 and in addition to creating designs, he has focused on integrating the la[Read More]

 | Stephanie Smith Interior Designer
Stephanie Smith

As a member of our Interior Architecture team since July 2017, Stephanie has added superior organization, time manage[Read More]

 | Katie Jackson Director of Platt Interiors
Katie Jackson

Katie Jackson is the Interiors Director at Platt Architecture. She oversees details for our interior projects, and wo[Read More]

 | Emily Mehta Farlow Interiors Administrator
Emily Mehta Farlow

Emily Farlow supports the daily operations at Platt Architecture. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art from Da[Read More]

 | Todd Brinkman Construction Operations Manager
Todd Brinkman

Todd Brinkman has been with PMG since November of 2018. He provides oversight of construction operations to ensure qua[Read More]

 | Bill Pauer Construction Project Manager
Bill Pauer - Platt Management Group

Bill Pauer built his way to broad-based project management skills. While studying Business Administration at WVU, he [Read More]

 | Rhett Pace Construction Project Manager
Rhett Pace - Platt Management Group

If “the map is not the territory”, the plan is not yet the building. Recognizing this, in Platt Architecture design[Read More]

 | Joe Stewart Construction Project Manager
Joe Stewart - Platt Management Group

As a Project Manager with Platt Management Group, Joe Stewart supervises construction during the physical realizati[Read More]

 | Anna Davis Construction Office Administrator
Anna Davis - Platt Management Group

Anna Davis joined Platt Management Group in July 2016 to support administrative and financial initiatives. With atte[Read More]

 | John Witherspoon Managing Director, Broker-In-Charge
John Witherspoon - WPA

John Witherspoon has lived in Brevard so long, you almost forget he’s not from here. Hailing from Huntsville, AL, Joh[Read More]

 | Brad Kimzey Project Manager
Brad Kimzey - WPA

Raised in Raleigh, NC, Brad Kimzey settled in Brevard after graduating from Western Carolina University in 1989. Putt[Read More]

 | Charlotte Page Broker
Charlotte Page - WPA

Originally from Columbus, GA, Charlotte planted her Brevard roots early as a camper at Rockbrook Camp at the ripe age of [Read More]

 | Karin Strickland Broker
Karin Strickland

Raised in Columbia, SC, Karin spent time every summer of her childhood in the Appalachian mountains trying to escape th… [Read More]

 | Curtis M. Greenwood Business Director
Curtis M. Greenwood

As Business Director of Platt Architecture, Curtis helps oversee all strategic and operational activities for the co… [Read More]

 | Ren Uriarte Finance Director
Ren Uriarte

Ren Uriarte is our Finance Director and has been with Platt since 2013. She’s in charge of invoicing clients, Account[Read More]

 | Jonna Heykoop Office Administrator
Jonna Heykoop

Jonna Heykoop has been stationed at the front desk at Platt Architecture since April of 2018 and is responsible for coor[Read More]

 | Megan Sotirakopulos Executive Assistant
Megan Sotirakopulos

Megan is the Executive Assistant to Parker Platt. She comes to Platt with over 10 years of administrative experience. O[Read More]

 | Camille Noland Administrative Assistant
Camille Noland

Camille Noland was hired in March of 2019 to be a part of the administrative team, working closely with the bookkeepers o[Read More]

 | DukDuk Human Resources

DukDuk, a Hungarian Vizsla, joined Platt Architecture in the summer of 2007.  His duties, which are integral to the op[Read More]