Custom Design

We are primarily interested in people.  Our expertise is complete and custom architecture.  Our goal is to design distinctive spaces that enable our clients to create places of deepest satisfaction.  We accomplish this goal by providing services which are personal and responsive to place, time, quality, and cost.

To do this requires the development of a well understood program, a creative design, a thorough and comprehensive set of construction documents, and a carefully administered construction contract.

The Platts initiate the designs and are supported by experienced, educated, and trained staff who specialize in architecture, sustainability, technology, interior design, and specifications.  Design sketches are accurately based on 3D models and all technical drawings are prepared in 3D.  Dynamic “fly through” modeling is shared with all clients.  Construction documents are extraordinarily complete, from footings to finishes.

Put simply, we work to ensure that an appropriately conceived and well understood design is achieved at a predictable cost and carried out on a predictable schedule.