Platt Architecture is a member of the WNC Green Building Council.  An extensive in-house sustainability checklist is developed for all projects and all projects are designed to high performance Energy Star standards at a minimum.  With ongoing education and client direction, project-specific goals are established for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and environmental impact.  Well-practiced strategies are followed to produce buildings which are durable, low maintenance, integrated with the site and landscape, personal, and attractive. 

We have incorporated into our projects geothermal heating and cooling, photovoltaic electrical systems, solar thermal heating systems, and many other high performance, sustainable technologies and practices.  Our sustainable design efforts are guided by in-house expertise, consultants and advisors, and progressive clients, and are focused in a comprehensive way in the following categories:  site work, space planning, water efficiency, energy efficiency, air quality, moisture control, pest control, materials, owner education, and certificate programs.

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